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We are a custom manufacturer of precision machined parts for Original Equipment Manufacturers.

  • We manufacture parts and assemblies in strict accordance with customer drawings and specifications.
  • A conscientious packing and shipping department that specializes in assuring that our products arrive at their destination free from damage.
  • We provide product traceability throughout the manufacturing process. This includes raw material, heat treating, testing and coating certifications. Statistical Process Control Charts will be supplied if requested by customer.
  • Preferred list of highly qualified vendors for services such as Coating, Plating, Non- Destructive Testing, Heat Treating and more.

The Services & Capabilities You Expect From a State-of-the-Art Machining Facility


  • A Registered Quality Management System conforming to ISO 9001:2015
  • Utilization of both conventional and CNC machines turning through 20” diameter swing and 120” length
  • CNC Vertical Milling envelope of 59”x 29”x 28” with 4th axis
  • CNC Horizontal Milling envelope of 41” dia. x 51” high with 4th axis
  • Continuously providing finished products that do not require extensive inspection by our clients
  • Inspection instruments and equipment operated by highly experienced inspectors to assure the quality of all finished products
  • A commitment to providing customers with defect free products that conform completely to their requirements
  • You can expect the highest quality, even on a very short time schedule
  • Job tracking software to provide up-to-date order status
  • A clean and safe environment for our employees ensuring dedicated, long-term commitment from our team