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About A.E. Machine

The machining industry is involved in every aspect of your daily lives, everything that is manufactured or processed in this country and throughout the world is affected somehow by one or more machining processes. From our food, which is planted, harvested, processed and packaged by machine, to the spacecraft we send into orbit, somewhere in every process the machining industry has been involved.

A.E. Machine Works has been a part of this amazing industry since 1966. Our key strength is our ability to provide customers with a quality product in a very short time frame. The expertise of our personnel is the reason we excel at this. A.E. Machine Works has a very low employee turnover rate, which means highly qualified and experienced personnel are performing in all phases of our production process.

Quality Assurance Policy

We implemented and maintain a Quality Management System that assures products and services are provided in accordance with customer requirements and we strive for continuous improvement per ISO 9001:2015 requirements.

Meet The Executive Team of A.E. Machine Works

Brandon Kocher – President

Brandon graduated from Texas Tech University in 2005 with a bachelor’s degree in international business. With over 14 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, Brandon is an expert at new customer acquisition and customer solution-oriented sales. His frontline experience of managing sales across a multitude of industries and customers is a testament of his abilities. Brandon has extensive experience in project management, quality control, non-conformance management, and operations in various machine shops and other industries.

When he’s not at work, Brandon enjoys spending time with friends and family, traveling, scuba diving, and cooking. He adores his children Eddie Lane and Cal Norris.

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Preston Hager – Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Preston graduated from Sam Houston State University in 2006 with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. With over 13 years of experience in sales and engineering within the heavy manufacturing industry in Houston, he has managed $15M-$75M annually in receivables while consistently building his network in the oil and gas industry.

Preston’s ability to manage top tier customer accounts while working with all levels of business organizations around the world enables him to continue to build this network, which represents a small portion of the excellence he brings to the table at our machine shop. While working at OFI Testing Equipment, Preston handled all local and international Schlumberger accounts. Preston is a former collegiate All-American athlete, which helped him hone his instinctive leadership qualities, time management skills, and efficient use of team competencies.

When he’s not at work, Preston enjoys time with his wife, Courtney, and son, Hunter Ross, BBQing, hunting, and spending time with friends.

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Chris Foskin – Vice President of Supply Chain/Finance

Chris graduated from Texas Tech University in 2005 with a bachelor’s degree in business. He has 14 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, all with A.E. Machine Works. His attention to detail is unsurpassed and it enables him to be an expert in quality control, contract review, and project management.

Chris currently manages the largest single client of A.E. Machine Works, Inc. and facilitates business with over 60 different locations. When outside the office, Chris enjoys bass fishing and jogging.